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The Miracle Lodge is the ideal destination for any type of event. Be it a quilting retreat, corporate seminars, marriage building retreats, Church men's/ladies retreats, or a family reunion, our staff will strive to serve you well. Our full catering service will work with you in planning for your meal needs while staying in the Lodge.

While the Miracle Lodge is geared toward adult events, Ironwood's Founder's Lodge, is perfectly suited to accommodate up to 82 youth overnight, with the option of 60 more in cabins across the way. This well-maintained log structure has a beautiful limestone fireplace and is adjacent to our dining hall. With the swimming pool, tennis courts, and recreation center just a stone's throw away, the Founder's Lodge is a very popular place where many great memories continue to be made.

If you have been to Ironwood and have an idea of the facilities you would like to use, please contact the office.

If you are new to Ironwood, please email general questions to the Office or call 507-533-4315. Facility tours may be arranged for your chance to see first hand what Ironwood offers.